Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31st, 2012

This will be the first year since we've been married that we haven't rung in the New Year with friends and family........sad to say we are all sick.  Michael and I have had the flu since Friday - just found out today that Chase took Angie to ER this morning because she's been throwing up all night......most of our friends are sick too - this is CRAZY.  It seems the flu is rampant this hear.  But whatever we are dealing with.....whatever illness has invaded our families - we still have so much to be thankful for!  I look back on the past year, and oh my goodness, what blessings!  Our precious family - so many sweet times shared together.....I can see Chase and Angie growing in their faith by leaps and bounds and that warms my heart and just means so much to this momma.  I can also see Haley and Addy growing in their relationship with the Lord too.....Chase and Angie do a nighttime devotional with Addy each night and Chase said she runs to get the devotional book and can't wait to read it each night - thank you Lord!  Make us all hungry for your word and a closer relationship with you!  Addy has grown so much this year.....I am seeing such a precious little personality emerge.....she's beautiful, inside and out.  I pray Lord that this is the year she accepts your gift of salvation.  Haley was invited to the Sky Ranch leadership camp this coming summer.  What an awesome opportunity this will be for Hay Hay.  I can see God working in her life - thank you Lord and i pray You will just fill her sweet life with Your Holy Spirit and that she will continue to seek you and be strong in You and your plans for her life.  I cherish the relationship i get to share with Hay.  She is precious in my life!  Lord i pray so hard for Audie.....God she needs you in her life and I just pray that you will put people into her life that know You and will help her know You and love You more.  I pray that Audie will come to know You as her Lord and Savior.  I wish she could understand that her relationship with You is THE most important relationship she will ever be a part of.....that You have a specific plan for her life and if she would just let You in.....if she would just let You drive.....that You have the sweetest journey planned for her - and that plan is perfect.  God i pray that You will protect her....that You will help her know your saving grace.  Oh and my sweet baby boy.....Hayden Michael Corley.  What joy this little boy brings to all of our lives!  He's all boy.....and a bundle of energy!  He has us all wrapped tight around his little finger.....he can woo you with his smiles, melt your heart with his words and at times, he's a force to be reckoned with =)  God i pray this precious little boy will come to know You at an early age.....that You will do great things to him and through him.  I pray Your Hand upon His life and that You will protect him, guide him and help him become all that you have planned for him.  He is so sweet Lord.....a precious gift in all of ours lives!  My Avery Grace.....goodness comes in little packages and she IS still so very tiny for her age.  Still she loves to entertain - I do believe we will see her on broadway one day!  She's a tiny little bundle of energy with an imagination and creativity that surprises me at her young age.  She's very sensitive....sometimes to a fault.....I pray Lord that you will guide that sensitivity in the right direction.  Sometimes i see hurt feelings and I pray Lord that You will give her a security in who she is in YOU and ease the situations where she's unsure and insecure.  I see so much of MY young life in Avery's.  I pray she can come to know You Lord and I pray that you will put people in her Shawn's life, that will guide them both to know you as Lord and Savior.  Shawn - oh so much like his quiet and keeps things to himself.....not a talker......somewhat of a loner.....Lord i can see how much he needs you in his prayer is that this year will be the year he starts moving forward.....getting he and Avery into church - into a relationship with You.  I pray for people to come into both of their lives that will help them seek You and find You.  Walls have been built.....i pray this is the year they start coming down.  Chase and Angie - i see them both growing in their relationship with you Lord - for that i am so very happy and thankful.  I pray that this year You will continue to bless them and mold them and guide them.  Thank you Lord for the people you have put in their lives that have helped them in their spiritual growth.  I pray you will just continue to stretch them and mold them and make them Lord.
My sweet husband.....Lord how i love him.  To think we only knew each other 5 days before we decided to spend the rest of our lives together.  Thank you helped us find one helped us grow in our faith together......and you continue to bless us and keep us safe.
I love my family Lord.....they are precious gifts in my life from YOU.  Thank you for each one of them and I pray that in 2013, each one of us will come to know YOU in a more intimate and personal our lives Lord and opens our us love you and serve you more and more.
Help us in 2013 to know and realize what truly means the most in this sweet life you have given each of us!  First and foremost, our relationship with You Lord....i pray we all grow and magnify you in new ways in 2013......stretch us, mold us, make us YOURS.....and then 2 - the gift of each other.  For family and friends Lord i thank You.  What blessings in my life!!!