Saturday, September 7, 2013


Last night we had the pleasure of attending Haley's Homecoming Game.  It was a fun night and Haley was crowned Junior Princess at the game!
What a beautiful princess she is!  Even tho the temp was nearly 100 degrees, Haley was calm and collected....and oh so beautiful.....i think what makes her so very beautiful is that her beauty starts from the inside.....she has the sweetest heart and to know Jesus lives there - well, Mimi couldn't be any happier!  The presentation was at half time and then she changed and it was back to cheering on her team.
It's always fun to be with family.....i think as a Mimi, one of the things that makes my heart just overflow is when one of the grandkids sees me and they just come runnin'......Avery and Addy have always dropped whatever was going on and they head for Mimi.....Haley always makes a bee line for me too....melts my heart when she does that!  Well, then along comes our little man.....or should i say the
"lady's man" -
That's Quinn,  Jason and Hil's daughter, by his side in the pink skirt.....LOVE the look on her sweet face - the way her hands are folded in her lap.....such a little beauty!.....and i had to laugh out loud when i looked over and saw little man squeezing his sweet self right smack dab in the middle of the "dirls"!  He was Quinn's little shadow for much of the game. He does love the "dirls"!

 Little Hayden Michael is such a love - and it melts my heart SO much whenever he sees me and he runs for me......tonight at the game - in the stands, they got there a little was the first time i had seen Angie's momma in a while so i was make the out hugs.....and i feel this little tug....i look to my side and see this little man looking up at me - grinning like crazy, his sweet little presence, just waiting to be discovered.....can't wait to say hello to his Mimi.....
He always finds me.....and i can't even say how it makes my heart just overflow.  I am SO very thankful for my kids....for my grandkids....God's gifts are truly so sweet.....Thank you Lord for placing these precious souls in our lives.  My 3 kids, my 5 grandchildren, my extended family - Michael and I full to the brim with blessings upon blessings.

Thank you Lord for loving us like You do.....and for this precious family that i love so much!