Friday, September 9, 2011

Little Things

Just the other day i was reminded about something Avery told me.....and i had forgotten it. I don't want to forget it - ever.....i wish to goodness i could remember every little thing - about every ordinary little day- but that's not possible - but i thought i would write down a few of the little things....little things i want to keep forever.

Avery and Shawn joined "Indian Princesses" - she was so excited (she was six at the time) and telling me all about what they were going to get to do - "Mimi, we get to go CAMPING! and we get to sleep in CABINETS...." i said "Cabinets - well where will the daddies sleep?" - "oh they will sleep in cabinets TOO!"

Haley was staying with us while Chase and Angie were in MExico.....she was telling me "Mimi, if my husband to be isn't a football player, guess what he's going to be?" "Hummmm," i am thinking "Not sure Hay" - "A COWBOY - and here's his picture" - she shows me on her phone this beautiful guy decked in jeans and a cowboy hat.....i tell her "As long as he loved the Lord Hay" - and just a moment later, she looks at me and says these words "I can promise you that, Mimi!"

Addy was about 5 - Kindergarten i guess - and Chase took her to school that morning. When he picked her up that afternoon, she was so excited to tell him that the "drag dogs" came to school that day. Chase questioned her "Addy, did you say DRAG dogs?"
"yes daddy and they talked to us about the drag dogs" - then chase remember seeing the sign that morning when he dropped her off....."DRUG dogs will be here today" - we all laughed so hard thinking what in the world could have been going through Addy's little mind with drag dogs? Dogs that just drag around all day????? Out of the mouths of babes.

When Avery and Shawn lived with us - Halloween was approaching. Avery wanted to help me "decorate" - she was around 3 or 4.....we were going through Mimi's things, pulling out pumpkins and such - and then Avery tells me "Mimi, i have a GREAT idea!" She knew something we could "make" that was just the best thing ever! She tried to explain it to me - "mimi, you get a bowl and you cut a hole in it....then you get a glub and you put the glub through the hole and if anyone gets the candy you "grab them" - soooo her excitement grows and she says "mimi, do you have a bowl?" - i get an old plastic bowl - "and now i need a glub" - "a glub?????" "Yes, have glubs" - realizing she needs a GLOVE - i go and get a ski glove - 'Oh NO!" Avery laughs...."Mimi - i need a RUBBER GLUB" - Now i am getting the entire picture.....we find a rubber "glub" and we cut the hole in the bowl....and we put our hand up through the bowl and put candy in it. And then we scare Papa when he trys to get a bite =) I ask this little wisp of a girl where she came up with this idea......"Martha Stewart Halloween Mimi!" - like of COURSE you should know where this idea came from!

When Chase was little, about 3, we had spinach for dinner. That night he got sick and threw up all over his bed and the floor (and i must say that was the WORST thing i think i have ever cleaned up) - that night in his prayers "....and dear God, please don't let spinach come out my nose EVER again!" - and i must say - it never has.....because he won't eat it!

Shawn, age 2 or so, was down for his afternoon nap.....i heard him yelling at me from his room so i ran in - "Momma!!!! My TUMMY is TALKING!!!!" - and sure was growling like crazy =)

Shawn was with me at a department store - he was around 3. As we walked in, he saw the big "ICEE display" and immediately wanted one. I told him not right then - we would get one after we shopped. As we went through the store, he begged to get out of the cart.....i agreed but told him he must stay right beside me. As i shopped, i turned to see him every minute - just to be sure he was right beside me. Well, a turned to look and no Shawn. I panicked.....freaking out i start calling his name....louder and louder. Then i remembered the Icee display and ran that way.....there sat Shawn on the counter with a salesperson.....i ran up to him and said "Shawn Michael Corley! " - the lady said "What did you call him?" "Shawn Corley" and she said "we were just about to make an announcement for the mother of Jimmy Concogley to come to the front" - Now why Shawn decided to change his name at the age of 3 i will never know!

One day Chase came home from day care with a HUGE bite mark on his shoulder - AGAIN. Carolyn, the biter had left a HUGE mark.....Chase told me "momma, you know what miss apple to me do?" - "What Chase?" "She told me bite Carolyn" - oh my i thought...."Chase, did you bite Carolyn?" - "Oh NOOOOOOOOOO, i not bite Carolyn - you know what Miss Apple do? She BIT Carolyn!" That night in his prayers, Chase blessed his family, his friends....and started naming them....God bless momma, and daddy and shawn and memaws and pepaws and Adrian and Carolyn" LONG pause - then "No, not Carolyn.....she BITES!"

Never want to forget the way shawn said "goggie" or hairpoos or t-tubbers......gosh, can we go back??

More to come......thank you Lord for this precious life you have given me.....and all the memories.