Sunday, August 30, 2015

Celebrating Avery Grace...

On August 29th, 2015 we gathered at our house to celebrate the birthday of a very special little girl....
Our little family was small yesterday - missing Haley and Audrey, but we sure did have a good time celebrating 12 years of wonderful!  The girls swam...and played with the "big boat" in the pool....even with the big boat though, Hayden didn't want one toe to set foot in that water!

We had all of Avery's favorites - mac and cheese, brisket quesadillas (thank you Chase for putting them all together for us
and everyone's favorite, Chocolate Eclair Cake!  Avery told me at least three times during the day "Mimi, thank you for making all my favorites....and thank you for making my birthday the best ever" - such a sweet and thankful heart this one has.  So proud of our Avery Grace!

Her gifts were mostly ones for her room....a mirror, a piggy bank

that she wanted from Z Gallery, an exercise ball that she wanted to use as a seat for her desk (in her new room....absolutely love their new home and Shawn was sure to get Avery's room finished first.  It's adorable and so "Avery" - she truly has a style of her own.....creative and unique....and totally "artsy"!  We also got her a game that most of us played during the was a FUN birthday.

Hayden helped with opening most of the gifts (Avery was so sweet to let him do that)...he just LOVES opening presents....even if they are for "DIRLS"!
Lord, i thank You for this day with most of our family.....and i thank You for the gift of Avery Grace in all of our lives.  She has the most precious heart....she's creative beyond compare...she's sensitive to the needs and feelings of others (and sometimes overly sensitive, just like her mimi has always been.  It's a gift and a curse....sometimes feelings are so hurt when they shouldn't be....but wouldn't trade our sensitivity for anything because it allows us both a sense of compassion and empathy), her sense of humor is off the charts - finding humor in the most everyday situations and things....she's beautiful....brown eyes, beautiful wavy brown hair and so many angel kisses on her nose and cheeks you can't count them!  She's tiny in stature....but she's BIG on personality....her heart Lord is moldable and i pray so hard that You will write your name on this precious one's heart....that Your hands will guide every step of all the journey's in her life, that she will have a long and beautiful life ahead of her with YOU Lord Jesus as the center of it all.  I pray Your protection over her - Your Holy Spirit filling her - and Your Joy running over the edges of her heart.  Lord i pray Blessings on our Avery Grace....Thank You for the sweetest little gift we have in Avery Grace Corley.  

Hayden Michael and Haley Elizabeth

This sweet one....and a memory from July 2015.  We kept Haley and Hayden for a few days while the kids went to Mexico for a little vacation.  As always with Hayden, we had "sleepovers" - He sleeps in his "ider-man" sleeping bag (and lots and lots of pillows and blankets) and i tough it out on the couch beside him in the media room....sweet times with my little man.  This trip Haley opted for the bedroom (her usual spot is one of the couches in the media room too, but i guess she wanted some peace and quiet).  Whenever Hayden comes for "Camp Mimi" - i have his sleeping bag on the couch and there's always a surprise hidden there.  Ever since he was so so tiny, he's learned, as he walks in that door, to stand on his tippy toes and look for his surprise.  This time i tricked him.  I didn't put it there. We walk into the media room and immediately his eyes go to the couch - he looked at me with this surprised look on his face - i told him "Hayden, this time Mimi made it hard for you - you must FIND your buried treasure!" - Oh the surprise on his little face....he starts running every which way looking for his prize.  After a few "hints" - he finds it and oh is he happy!  i so love this tradition with my little man.  I think he loves it too.  Another tradition with Hayden are his lunches - well, it's turned into every meal =)  One day when he was staying with us for Camp Mimi - it was a time when they were having trouble getting him to eat (i am not sure this boy is a Corley - my boys wanted to forego the Happy Meals at 3 years of age just so they could have a BIG burger! - never had this problem with Shawn and Chase! - oh, and Hayden has passed that stage now....he LOVES yummy food now) so in an effort to help his appetite, i made "super power" sandwiches.  I got really soft bread and with a cookie cutter i was able to make cute little sandwiches for him.  And guess what?  He LOVED them - he gobbled them up!  Even yesterday when they came to celebrate Avery's birthday - we were having brisket tacos but he wanted a sandwich.  I didn't have bread so i asked him "How about a quesadilla - it will be so yummy" - "mimi, can you make me a super power one?" - so what did i do?  I got the cookie cutters out and made cut outs with the flour tortilla.  i so love these sweet traditions with my Hayden.....
Another memory when we kept the kids in July - Little man is at the age now where he watches movies....all the way through.  One night, Haley, Hayden and i watched "night at the museum" for the first time and he LOVED it.  His favorite part was when the monkey peed on Ben Stiller.  He wanted me to play that part over and over and he would giggle and giggle.  The next morning, he asks "Mimi, can we watch that show where the dinosaur comes alive and the monkey pees on the man?" - so all over again we watch the movie and he just giggles even more.  We have had a pretty free time his entire visit with little TV or "i-paid" as he calls it,
so he asks for another movie.  I thought of seeing about one of the other Nights at the museum but couldn't find one - but i come across the "never ending story" - i read the synopsis and decide it sounds like a good i turn it's a little slow at first and Hayden says "Mimi, when does it start happening?" - so i fast forward....and get to the action part.  It's about a little boy reading this book and he BECOMES the main character.  He's riding this horse through the desert, through the mountains....and THEN he comes to the "Swamp of Sorrow" - it's dark and scary - the music changes....Hayden is sitting in the chair closest to the TV and his eyes are as big as saucers.  His eyes are riveted on that RV screen.  The boy has to get off his horse and he's telling the horse "Don't let the sadness overtake you - if you do, you will sink into the mire - fight it with all you have" - they come to this scary monster in the vines - his eyes light up green and the growls really loud.....Hayden RUNS to the middle of the room, turning circles and screaming "Don't turn it off Mimi!!!  Don't turn it off!!" - He runs and hides behind my chair and peeks over the top "Don't turn it off Mimi!!!" - oh my goodness, i was laughing inside.  He was scared out of his wits, but he didn't want me to turn it off.  He wanted to see what happened next!  Well, i think i scarred him for life....the next scene, the horse starts sinking....he's letting the sadness overtake him - and the little boy is shouting at him "noooooo, fight it!!" and Hayden is yelling "NOOOOOO, fight the sadness!!" - i have never seen this movie before, but dad gum it, the horse SINKS into the mire!  Hayden is now yelling at me "Turn this off Mimi....who wants to watch this?  The horse is in the mire....Mimi, turn it off!!!" Before i can get the control and turn it off, the scene switches to the current little boy reading the book and he's just bawling.....and Hayden yells "See Mimi....he's TRYING (he can't say his c's) - turn it off!!" - so we turn off the movie and i am thinking oh my gosh, i have ruined this little thinking - altho i have never seen the movie, i tell Hayden...."i know that was SO sad - but sometimes sadness CAN bring us down - but Hayden, you know what happened next?"  Huge saucer eyes - "what Mimi?"  I tell him "the little boy loved his horse SO very much and the love in his heart brought the horse back up out of the mire and they road out of that swamp of sadness together - LOVE overcame sadness Hayden" - well, he was better after that but he said "i never ever want to see dat movie ADIN!"  As i was retelling the story to Michael, it made me think of our situation.....we can't let the swamp of cancer overtake us.....we have to fight it with all we have....with all God's strength....or we could sink in the mire too!

SWEET times with my little man....and i also had the SWEETEST time with Hayhay.  Papa played with Hayden and let us go for a shopping day on the square.  We were able to get Haley a few things for college....and then at night, after Hayden fell asleep, we would watch movies together....i couldn't believe she hadn't seen "You've got Mail" or "While you were Sleeping" or "Sleepless in Seattle" - we had so much fun watching those love stories....we had long talks about college, the future, our faith....the "boy" - oh how i love our precious Haley.  She's truly such a gift in our lives!.

Time with these two....sweet memories.  We are so blessed with 5 wonderful grandchildren....and having one on one time with them is just priceless.  Thank you Lord for the gift of each one of us live our lives in such a way that they will see You in that they will be drawn to Your mercy and grace and salvation.  Each and every day i pray that You will send people into all of our lives that will help us know You, seek You and love You more and more.  

Write Your Holy Name on their hearts Lord i pray....