Thursday, November 15, 2018

another miracle story from Xander....

My nail girl....God just speaks to her.  Literally.  The Christmas ornament miracle was the first story she shared....but today, these two stories....

She and her hubby traveled every year - for about 12 years - to Hawaii.  She loved the islands so very much and she took many pictures.  Pictures of the rain forests, the ocean, all the beauty there - but she never took pictures of the sand....the beach.  She doesn't know why, but it just never was part of her pictures....until the last trip there.  She said "you know that poem about footprints in the sand?  I have never been crazy about that poem - not sure why, but just not a favorite of mine" - but this last trip, she was just obsessed with footprints....she took pics of people's footprints, kid's footprints, ANIMAL footprints - just all these pictures of footprints.  They came home - she never even mentioned the "footprint" pictures to her husband Joe....just had them in their photos and never really talked about them.

Fast forward to a church service.....Xander said she's always been drawn to people that seem to be's always on her heart.  They were sitting in the church service and as the service proceeded, she just kept noticing a her 30's....sitting in front of them - all alone.  At the end of the service they had their prayer warriors come to the front of the church and asked anyone in the congregation that needed prayer, please come forward and the prayer warriors would pray with them. Xander, still drawn to the young woman that was alone....her shoulders shaking because she was not in tears.  Xander immediately stood and went beside the young woman and put her arm around her....she leaned in close and asked "Do you want to go forward?  Do you need prayer?" The woman replied "I do, but was scared to go alone" - Xander said "That's why i am here.  I will go with you."

Together, they walked forward.  Many were already receiving prayers but there were a few waiting to pray with others.  Xander didn't know which way to go but noticed a lady that she had always been drawn to - she said she wasn't sure why, but she had always been intrigued with this lady in their church.  She didn't know her....hadn't ever even met her.  But she felt that is who she should go to and she did.  The prayer warrior reached out to the young woman and began to pray.  Xander stepped back but held her hand on the woman's back - agreeing in prayer.  She was far enough back that she couldn't hear the prayers - but stayed there with the young woman for support.  As the prayer finished, the young woman turned around and Xander began to walk back to their seats with her but the prayer warrior motioned to Xander.....Xander told her "no, I'm okay.  i don't need prayer" - but she continued to motion to Xander to come back.  When Xander reached the lady, the lady said "i don't know why, but i keep seeing footsteps....footsteps in the sand - i just want to tell you that the footsteps you have made here today will not be forgotten:.  Never met the lady before....hadn't even mentioned the pictures to her husband.....that was all GOD.

Another story.....she was driving in Casa Linda.....drove by a young woman sitting on a bench....all in white....with her worldly belongings in a cart in front of her - her arms around the cart, her head bowed down on her arms as if she was asleep.  Xander drove by...noticing, but telling the little voice speaking to her "no" - she continued on her way and the voice just kept telling her to go back and talk to the woman.  Xander again said no.  Well, the voice kept on to the point that she had to turn around and go back.....she told the Lord "okay, if i go back and talk to this woman, You will have to give me the words to say because i haven't a clue what to say to this homeless woman!"

She parks and goes up to the woman and taps her arm "Would it be okay if i sit with you for a minute?"  The woman welcomes her - they introduce themselves and begin a conversation.  Right off the bat, Xander realizes this woman is educated, kind, and a believer.  She asks "where do you live"?
"Right here" the woman replies.  "Right HERE? THIS is your HOME?" - and the woman begins to tell her story.  There used to be a department store there close....the woman worked there for years.  But then it closed and the woman went to stores and restaurants all around the area and inquired about a job.  Nobody had a job for here.  She had been living on that bench for 14 years.  She didn't ask Xander for money....but Xander went to a nearby restaurant and got her a good some extra things....and gave her what little cash she had on her.  She asked the lady if she could share a couple of scriptures with her.  She told her Jeremiah 29:11......told her this was NOT what God had planned for her.....that he had so much more and that she needed to realize that and help Him move forward with plans for her - told her the other scripture....John 10:10....that the enemy comes to steal but that Christ came to give life....abundant life.  She told the lady that the enemy had stolen her joy.....and that God had so much more for her.  She prayed with her....she gave her her phone number and told her when she was ready to move forward, that she would be happy to help in any way she could.

Okay, so this lady....what homeless person dresses in SPOTLESS all white?  Educated, easy to talk to.....Christian....i told Xander i wondered if she was an angel....and that God was testing her obedience.  She said she had never thought of that but agreed.  The lady never called....and when Xander went by the next day and the next....never saw her again.

Xander said she kept saying no....but finally just heard His voice and knew it would haunt her forever if she didn't respond.  I love this sweet lady and so glad Vicki told me about Xander.  She's such a blessing in my life!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2018


Becky's birthday is October 19th.  She's always planning and doing for everyone else, so this year i thought we might surprise her and do something a little different!

We had to celebrate later in the month due to her family celebrations, a little illness but on October 30th, everything was a go!  Sue and i got together after bible study on Monday and baked cut out cookies.  We did pumpkins, ghosts, and then some circles to decorate too.  On the morning of, i got up really early and made all different colors of icing - had them in the bags, ready to decorate.  

Becky chose Chuy's for our lunch.  We had this crazy waiter.....but he was awesome.  Bet we were there for at least 2 1/2 hours!  He entertained us BIG time!

We got to sit at the Melancon table in the bar =)  It was one of the most fun times we have had at lunch!  Suzanne had plans and couldn't join us =(

Then we headed to my house to decorate cookies.  It was a great afternoon and i was so glad that we got to do something really fun for Becky's birthday.  She's quite the planner and hostess when it comes to everyone else's glad we had this time to celebrate her!  

A fun day celebrating a sweet friend!  Happy Birthday Becky!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


I don't want to forget this story....

Went for a pedicure last week and this story from Xandra - We were talking about miracles and she says "i've got one that happened to me"

She had a tree that she always put up at Christmas....through the years she and her hubby had collected hand blown glass ornaments for that tree.  She said it was beautiful.

They got a new kitten.  It was Christmas and she was in her room, getting ready for work.  She heard a crash.  She ran to the living room and sure enough, the kitten had climbed the tree and turned it over.  Every single ornament was shards everywhere - in the carpet, the couch.  They got it all cleaned up and she decided she wasn't going to put up a tree that year.  She was so sad because her collection had been destroyed.

Fast forward a couple of weeks.  She and her hubby were looking for something...i can't remember what but it had to do with building something - like old windows or something.  Anyway, she saw them listed at a lady's house and they went.  When they arrived, they realized it was an estate sale and there were people EVERYwhere.  They found what they went looking for and as they were trying to find where to pay, the owner of the house came up to them - never have seen this lady before.  In talking to her, found out they were from Switzerland - had come to live in the states but missed home, so they were selling their things, their home and moving back.  This lady says to them "i have something i am suppose to give you" - and they were like "give us?  What is it?" and she told them she would be back in a minute.  Here she comes with a big box....and she hands it to them.  They asked to pay for whatever it was, but she said "no, i am suppose to give this to you".  Well, they got home and put the box down in the garage and really forgot about it a couple of days.  But then her husband asks her to go through the box because he's cleaning out the things stacked up in the garage. She figured it was junk.....couldn't imagine what in the world the lady would be giving them....or WHY.  She opened the box and it was covered with tissue paper....things were wrapped in tissue.  The box was full and nothing put HAND BLOWN Christmas ornaments....Swiss ones...expensive ones....far more expensive than the ones the kitten had broken.  She told me it was her miracle.  And i believe in my heart it WAS!!

God still works his magic day by day....i mean i look at the sunsets....i see my newborn great granddaughter - she's perfect and precious....i breathe in....HIS majesty.  I love this expression of His love.

New were AWESOME!!

We left Rockwall and the high temps in early October and traveled to Boston.  It was an amazing trip....a fall foliage tour to New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine.  Lots of color in our trip.....Lots of fun with our friends.
It's like snow in would think we had never seen falling leaves before!!

Michael sat in Norm's seat at Cheers!  Boston was awesome!

LOVE this life journey with this sweet man!

So many miles we have traveled with these sweet ones also!
We ended the trip with an awesome lobster dinner.....i mean LOOK at the size of those things!!!

The last morning as we left, Steve caught this photo with the beautiful pink was a wonderful trip with precious friends.  
So thankful for the time we spent in New England!!

Blessings come in small packages!

Oh my goodness.....On October 17th, we had the sweetest surprise.  She wasn't due until November.....but this sweet little bundle couldn't WAIT to get here!!!!
Angie left the minute she found out that Audrey was in labor....bless her heart - she had been to the hospital so many times and each time they were able to stop the labor....until October 17th!
Sweet little Brooklyn Elizabeth joined our family and OH MY GOODNESS, what a little love.  Big brother Matthew already in love and has told the family "She LIKES me!!"
Her bows are bigger than she is!!
That weekend, Chase and Hayden and Addy flew up to meet her.  Aunt Hay Hay drove up too.  Sweetest little love.  She has already brought SO much joy and we cannot WAIT to see what God has in store for this precious baby girl and those that love her so very much!!

There's something so special about seeing your baby hold his GRANDbaby!!
Love you so much Brooklyn Elizabeth!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Observations from a mom....and a mimi

Last night we went to Addy's game at Reedy.  Goodness, we love watching our girl play!  Some things have happened this year....not fair things and it's been hard...hard to understand, hard to hold emotions in, difficult to not have some really hard feelings in our hearts.   Trying so hard to forgive - 70x7 - asking daily for God to redeem it all with this varsity coach.  I KNOW He has a plan for Addy and it's an amazing one - better than any of us can imagine.  I also know that it's in the valleys - that's where He molds us and makes us more and more like Him.  Trying hard to understand and remember that.  Hard when i see the ones i love so much hurting.  Hard when spirit is lacking because of it all.

We got there early last night so we could watch a little of the varsity team play.  Just before Addy's JV team started their first set, Chase came in.  As is his sweet nature, he's "working the room" as my daddy used to say.  He's finding friends and talking as he comes in.  He was standing in front of me with his back to the court, talking to someone close by.  I look down on the court and see Addy staring at us.....she keeps looking up at us and finally motions to me to get her daddy's attention for her.  Mind you not a hello to me or Papa, but "will you get dada's attention" - so i tap Chase on the shoulder, but he's in mid sentence.....she motions to me again to get him - well by that time i am thinking it's something she needs right then.  Maybe advice, maybe a water or i tap on his shoulder a little harder - and he's still talking (i am even beginning to feel a little bad about interrupting at this point) but finally i say "Addy needs you" - he turns to her and no,  it's not a question, no water or instruction she's needing,  it's just the sweetest smile and a little wave.  "Hi dada" she's saying...."so glad you are here" -  Nobody else got that.  Not Angie, not me, not Papa, not Farrah or Alan....just her daddy.

It makes me think about their relationship....makes me realize JUST how much she loves him and loves his much she craves his approval.  When she's warming up, she ALWAYS looks up to the stands right before she slams that ball or when she serves.  Sometimes it might be a side ways glance, to not be so obvious, but she's ALWAYS searching her daddy out....needing that attention, that approval and it's just the SWEETEST thing ever.

Since she was born, Chase has been there for that sweet girl.  Sweetest hands on daddy ever.  He has ALWAYS been (since birth) her confidant, her play mate, her hero, her security.....the one she looks to for advice, for instruction....He's the one that helped her pray and ask Jesus into her heart.....nightly devotionals, instructions on sports, homework, her biggest fan, her biggest cheerleader.....Chase is the one she runs to.  Still to this day....sweetest relationship between these two!  This relationship is the basis for every relationship she will have in the future.  He has set the standard high for her future husband.....she will have to look long and hard to find a man as sweet and kind as her daddy.

I am SO thankful for the relationships that both my boys have with their children and now grandchildren.  Just so thankful to witness the sweetest love last night on the court - i saw just a glimpse of the little girl in Addy...searching out her daddy.....just to say "hi glad you are mine".  What a precious young woman she's becoming.  What a precious daddy/daughter love.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Touch my heart...

This weekend.....lots of things brought tears....happy tears.

My weekend started out on Friday - finally a day to spend some time with Angie and celebrate her birthday!  I met Angie and Chase at Hayden's school - it was his "Fun Run" day and just so happens it was Chase's "Watchdog" day there too.  Hayden was SO excited!  We took Hayden and Chase Chick-fil-et and hung out for just a bit with the boys.
He had SO much fun and it made it extra special that his daddy was there all day long with him and that Angie and Mimi came for lunch!

After our visit, we headed to Lululemon for shopping for Angie's birthday gift and then this AMAZING lunch at a new restaurant in Legacy West called "North" lunch in a LONG time.  We had wine, and aps and homemade pasta - and a dessert to celebrate our sweet daughter-in-law!  Yummy lunch but oh the time spent one on one with Angie - just the sweetest!
We had the best long lunch and precious time together.  Love when i have one on one with my girl!

That night was "family night" at Addy's volleyball game.  Papa met us at Reedy and after pictures, we watched Varsity and then watched Addy's JV game.  Don't even get me started on all that....SO many things happening regarding Addy and that hard hearted Varsity Coach....makes me sick to think about it.  God is working though.....big time....making HIS plan for Addy so clear.  

She played she always does - they won in two and Addy scored the last point on both games.  She does that a LOT!

Blurry i know, but that's the last point in the first set and she NAILED it!  SO love watching this girl play!  God, i just pray so hard for YOUR hand to arrange things for her regarding her years in high school.  Jeremiah 29:11.....YOUR best Lord.  I pray redemption for all that's been done to her and God please, i pray....keep her spirit true and lifted.  She's keeping all her feelings deep inside and i just know she's hurting.  God take that hurt and mold and make her stronger because of it.  Her heart is yours Lord.  She belongs to YOU and YOUR plan for her is the very best.  I just pray redemption. 

Such a fun Friday....and then Saturday, Hayden had a football game.  We haven't seen him play yet this year and i was excited to go.  

HOWEVER....his little heart just hasn't been in sports at all.  In fact he told his daddy "You know dada, i am not really a sports kinda guy....i am more of a sword guy!"  

Last year, we saw no interest whatsoever in sports and we so hoped that this year would be a growing experience and maybe some interest in a sport, in competing.  

Last game, Debdeb was here.  Chase coaches, which is what he's wanted to do his entire life.  I am so glad he gets to do this just a bit! Chase and Jim have Hayden as center.  Last game, he was down in his stance and apparently he was in an ant pile.  He got into those fire ants and that was all it took.  He sat on the bench and refused to play.  Long after the ants and stings were problem at all....he still refused to play and oh my goodness, Chase was SO upset.  They were a man short and Hayden just wouldn't go.  I could tell when i saw Chase later in the day - he was just crushed and SO upset.  Debdeb said it was just an AWFUL experience for both.

This has hurt my heart for Chase.  As a little boy and to into his adulthood, Chase Corley has always been a "sleep, eat and breathe" sports kinda guy.  His determination even as a young boy was SO strong.  He always LOVED it and he tried his very best to BE the best.  I know he had hopes for HIS son to follow in those footsteps.  That said....he has never forced it on Hayden.  They have encouraged and tried all kinds of sports for him though - as a learning experience, taking instruction etc. The hopes have been there, especially for Chase, but nothing has ever been forced. 

On to Saturday.  The game was at 11 and when i woke up Saturday morning it was POURING down rain.  They didn't cancel the game though so i drove through the downpour to Frisco and the heavy rain stopped as 11:00 came near.  I was so pleased to see, as the game unfolded, that the little team has really GROWN....they "get it" this year and i was so proud of them and especially proud of Hayden - he ran the entire field each play....offense and defense, and he really seemed to "get it" too!

It just does a momma's heart SO good to see her son on the field, coaching HIS son.  Chase, from the time he was 5 or 6, always said he wanted to grow up, teach math and coach football.  That was his dream.  As a little boy, you could go by his room and hear him playing.....and you would hear this sound from him.....if you peeked in you could see his Starwars figures, situated just so in his hands - so their legs could run and he would have one in each hand.....the sound he would make was the crowd roaring as one of those Starwars figures made a touchdown!  His mind was ALWAYS running plays.  In their bathroom on Runningbrook?  You couldn't walk in there without finding a notepad laying there with ALL kinds of plays drawn out.....x's and o's.  And guess what.....that habit i'll bet STILL happens today!  Oh my goodness, both my boys love football SO much.  But's the PLAYS....he just loves trying to figure out the very best plays.  I remember later on in college, he and friends played on a flag football team....he shows up the first game with laminated cards on ropes to put around their necks with all the plays he's drawn up!  I can kinda see that happening with Hayden's team =)

Hayden really seemed to listen and understand the plays.  So what does his dada do?  He draws up a play - Hayden hikes it to the QB and then runs to the end zone and the QB throws the ball back to Hayden.  First try Hayden catches the ball but they get his flag just shy of the end zone.  Try another play....nope, the other play didn't work, so let's try the throw to Hayden one more time....and oh my gosh....that little boy caught the ball for a TD!!!!  I don't know who was prouder....Chase or Hayden.  Sweetest thing is Chase immediately looks over to Angie with the biggest grin on his face EVER and mouths "i drew up that play for Hayden".....high fives for Hayden from Coach Jim....I think it took Hayden just a minute to realize he made a TD!  Oh my goodness, he was so excited!  Afterwards as we were walking to the car he says "and i was trying to block the throw too" (when he was on defense)....He's "GETTING IT!"
So i am standing on the sidelines....really close to the play....with tears running down my face.  Tears now too as i write because it was just the sweetest moment....for Hayden but oh my goodness, for Chase.  He was just SO proud.  

Sweetest moments and i am SO thankful the rain didn't detour me from going.  I am SO blessed to have been there.  

Precious weekend.....and the icing on the cake would be a Cowboy win today.  Hmmmmm, that's a long shot!