Sunday, August 12, 2018

Camp Mimi

We picked up our sweet boy and our first stop was Bahama Bucks.  Our curly headed little bundle of energy LOVES sweets.....and this one hit the mark for him.  He wasn't able to finish the entire thing....but almost =).

On to the house.   I have started something.  I am wondering if when he's a teenager if he will still love coming to "Camp Mimi" and if he will expect his scavenger hunt?  I am kinda thinking the answer is yes!  I have it all set up when we walk in the door....but one thing i love.  He didn't ask immediately....he was so happy to see Sammie and played with him for quite a while before he explored the house.  I always lay out his sleeping bag somewhere and on it i have the note to begin the scavenger hunt.  Oh he had such a fun time going from place to place and finding craft supplies, goodies and a box full of magic tricks.  Such a sweet time with that little boy.  I love his energy....i love his joy.

It was a late night....we watched a movie - up late - almost midnight.....but me on the couch with him on his sleeping bag right below me.  I didn't sleep well at all - guess that couch was not made for sleeping....but i wouldn't give anything for that time with our little buddy.  

Next morning, i had made his favorite - breakfast casserole - he had THREE helpings!  This was a Thursday, and that's my serving day.  Our little man went with me and Kim to deliver meals to our meals on wheels clients.  I was wanting to share with him the joy of serving....of being God's hands and feet....i came away seeing a side of Hayden i haven't seen before.  Oh my goodness....that little guy was SO kind, SO gentle - when we got to Papaw's, he gave hugs all around....he told papaw stories and sat so quietly while listening to Papaw's stories.  It was the sweetest time.  What a precious boy we have.  Thank You Lord.

That night we stayed up late again....watching movies.  Not quiet as late this night....only 11 but said our prayers and off to sleep.  Waking up with Hayden is a time i just love.  He loves to snuggle in the morning and those hugs are just the sweetest.  We then decided to put to use some of the craft items he found while on the scavenger hunt.  I just love Pinterest....and the ideas i find there!  I loaded paint into water guns i got at Dollar Tree - and then he painted by shooting the paint on canvas.  The paintings reminded me of the kind used in psychology testing.  He was quite impressed at his work and so was i!  His feet look like they had a disease when he was through!

Then we painted rocks.  I had planned on going and hiding the rocks on Rockwall Square, but Hayden wanted to keep them.  It was so much fun.  He loves crafts.  He loves art.  Thinking he got a little bit of Uncle Shawn and Avery's genes in there =)  because he's really talented!

I love this little boy so much.  LOVE his heart, his energy, his gentleness, his tender heart.  One on one time with him is treasured and i hope and pray that when he is older, he will look back on his Camp Mimi with fond memories of a Mimi and Papa who love him beyond measure!

We took Hayden back to Chase and Angie.....On to Camp Mimi for Avery and Addy!  This has been a tradition....they started Camp Mimi years ago.  That first Camp Mimi - they were so tiny.  Well into the teenage years now and we still have the best time.  I love how those girls love to come and spend time with us.

We started our time a little late in the day because Addy had a volleyball tourney....lunch time and Northpark are always a hit because we LOVE the Nordstrom Bistro!  Lunch and then a little shopping.  Each one had 100.00 to spend and we searched all over to find things they would love.  They are different as night and day so shopping is interesting =)

One thing we have incorporated into our teenage Camp Mimi's.....a food basket challenge.  Instead of competing against each other, i give them a basket of ingredients and they have an hour to create a delicious dish.  This time I decided on an appetizer.....the ingredients?  Marinated shrimp, roasted garlic, seasoned croutons, mozzarella cheese, avocado, olive tapenade, roasted tomatoes and PUFF PASTRY!  They didn't cringe as i thought they would....they took the challenge head on!  And in less than an hour, they came up with the most delicious appetizer!!  It was so sweet to hear the giggles coming out of the kitchen and the "mimi don't come in here!".  The outcome was fantastic and they proudly brought their creation to the dining room table.  Papa had two servings and with two left over, they presented them to our neighbors behind us.  She called the next day wanting the recipe!  So proud of these girls!!

So after our little snack, nobody was hungry.  Addy wanted Chipotle (and oh how they make fun of the way i say it) - so Papa did go and get her Chipotle - but the rest of us just had chips and bean dip.

That evening we played lots of Spicy Uno (oh my goodness, we are all addicted to that game!) and then a movie.  Staying up late is a must.  We watched "The Princess Diaries" but lost Addy during the last few minutes....i am guessing that early volleyball tourney was quite exhausting for her.  Avery wanted to try and watch "Jaws" because she's never seen it....we tried, but soon we both felt the sandman's midnight saw us but not for long.

The next day was Sunday and it was a very special day for my Meals on Wheels favorite guy - Papaw.  Avery and Addy have been surprising Papaw on his birthday for years.  He even has a picture of him from their first visit proudly displayed in his office, along with the words to the song and dance they performed for him.  I told them ahead of time on that first visit that Papaw was special....and that he had a twinkle in his eye that just couldn't be explained.  As we were leaving that visit so many years ago, i looked into the back seat and asked them both "Did you see the twinkle in his eye?" and without a beat Avery says "oh yes, Mimi....i saw it.  It's in his left eye!"  We laughed so hard.  This Sunday they were having Papaw's 95th birthday party.  We surprised Papaw with a visit....Suzanne, Kim, Me and Avery and Addy.  They were so sweet with him.  He was SO excited to see his "girls" - all of us!!

Because of all of their activities, we only got one night and two days with Avery and Addy.  That Sunday afternoon, Addy taught us how to make bracelets out of string.  Avery caught on so quickly, Mimi took a while but i finally got it.  While we were learning this craft, Mimi found the DVD i made of our trip to Disney World when they were just 3 and 4 years old.  Oh my goodness....sweetest trip and i must say, it brought tears to my eyes.  They have grown so much.  Those little bitty girls are turning into precious women.  Love their hearts....their little quirks and characters.  Love their sense of humor.  LOVE them so much.

This time with Avery and Addy - just so sweet.  These are sweet girls.....seeing bits and pieces of the little girls growing into wonderful young women.

LOVE - so LOVE my time with my grands....wishing for time to spend with Haley and Audrey and Matthew.....hoping that will happen soon.  God has blessed me with the sweetest babies in my life.  They are my heart....they are blessings from God and i am just SO thankful for each one.

Lord i just pray so hard for YOUR hand on each of my grands and greats.....leading them, guiding them, molding them as You write their stories.  I thank You Lord for the gift of each one.  Your gifts are SO good....SO sweet.  I am blessed beyond measure Lord.  I love each one to the moon and back!

Friday, July 27, 2018

little things Michael brought to mind....

In talking about some of the memories in the blog today, Michael asked me if i had put in Shawn's debut on stage.....2 years was a Christmas program at his daycare.  Michael is seated next to camera in hand (and back then they were HUGE - and HEAVY) and the music starts.  From the back of the church, here comes this little line of babies....Jingle bells being played on the piano....and they have little bells tied around their wrists - so here they came....and here comes our little boy with that gorgeous brown hair in a bowl cut....smiling so big as he walks by.  Then they get on stage....and if i remember correctly, Shawn was on the front row.  They all get into place and then another song begins to play and they are all starting to "sing" and jingle their wrists.....except our Shawn.  He has his shirt in his hands and pulls the entire thing over his head!  For the next few minutes they are up there, we see nothing but his tummy - AND his belly button!  He had a hernia and it was a EXTREME "outtie".  Michael was laughing so hard that when we got the video home to look at it, it was all blurry because it was jumping up and down - his laughing so hard!

So then fast forward....this is a memory when Shawn and Deb were first married.  They were going to spend Christmas with Diane and Ed in Michigan.  He didn't know them hardly at ALL....and we didn't either.  So i am wanting to send a little Christmas gift and decide to make a "movie night" bucket for them to share.  It was a round popcorn box thing and i filled it with candy etc. and some movies.  I had remembered a really good Harrison Ford movie where he was the president and in an airplane and trying to get the bad guys on the plane - when looking for it i found one called "1600" something and it had Harrison Ford in it so i grabbed it.  We get a call from Shawn and he says "MOM.....what in the WORLD were you thinking????" - apparently they all popped the popcorn, got their drinks, sat down to watch the movie and the opening scene is x was NOT the movie i thought it was.  Michael and i were just sitting here talking about that....and we could both hear Diane's voice saying "Oh DEAR!!"

Then there was the time we were ALL invited to Camp Winter's summer picnic.  The kids were fairly new to the company and totally worried about the parents embarrassing them and both told us "whatever you do, just don't say anything that might call attention or embarrass us" - that was mostly Shawn.....but i am sure Deb felt the same.  So they have this photographer set up in this certain area to take pictures of the families....i mean this was a HUGE deal.  Roger had invited all the out of town parents to come and actually paid for plane tickets and expense was spared.  Anyway, we all find our way over to the part of the beautiful park where they have the photographer set up.  There's a picnic table there and since there are 6 of us, we think what a great idea to all sit on the picnic table.  Diane and i are helped up by our hubbies....then one by one the rest of the family begins to find a spot - until the picnic table totally falls to the ground....with a HUGE k-BAM!  You can see people all over the park turn in our direction =)  Oh yes, let's not do ANYthing to embarrass Shawn!! Oh my gosh, i am laughing out loud as i type this.

Then there's the time Shawn decided to sneak the car out - he was 14 and Memaw and Papaw Corley were staying at our house with the kids while Michael and i were away.  Our Youth minister tells us about a week later that he overheard Shawn telling the boys in the youth group about taking out our car late one night and picking up Elliott Barner....driving through Whataburger and then back home.  He never could find out how we found out about his little escapade.....but grounded he was....for quite a while!

That's all for now....just want to write stuff down as i remember.....because i NEVER want to forget!!
Oh how i love my sweet family!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Birthday Fairies

Birthday Fairies

It was time of day when magic happens.  The moon was beginning to cast her yellow glow in the evening sky and the cicadas sang the last notes of their sweet songs for the night.  The stars were beginning to wink in the navy skies.  

Avery perched on the rocking chair near her window, and gazed intently between the branches of the mighty oak tree growing in her front yard.  She hoped to see tiny lights peeking through the leaves.  Where were they?  Had they forgotten it's August?  

"Avery Grace?" Momma sang from the kitchen.  "Have you brushed your teeth?  It's time for bed honey. Daddy's on his way to read your bedtime story, so hurry and get your pj's on and get those teeth brushed!" 

Avery climbed down from the big old chair and hurried to the bathroom.  She loved Daddy’s bedtime stories.  He would tell her great tales about kings, castles, and princesses.  She loved to hear his voice go up and down, loud and soft, as he told her tales of  ‘Once Upon a Time‘.  Daddy made the books come alive and Avery imagined herself running through a forest path or up the staircase of a beautiful castle on a hill.  

She brushed her teeth and hurried to her bedroom.   Grabbing Teddy Bunny, she  dove into bed and pulled the covers high over her head.  She giggled in anticipation as she heard her daddy's footsteps.

"Avery Grace?  Where are you?" 

Daddy picked up a pillow in the corner.  

"Nope, she's not under here," he growled in a low pitched, bear-like voice. 

Walking over to the closet, he peeked inside.  

"Nope, not in here, either," Hmm, I can't find my Avery at all."

"Here I am."  Avery yelled as she threw off the covers.  "I’m ready for my story, Daddy!"

As daddy snuggled down beside her, Avery pulled Teddy Bunny close.  

"Tonight, can you tell the story about the birthday fairies, Daddy?   I’ve been looking for them but I think they’ve forgotten!"

"Okay, Avery. I’ll tell you all about the birthday fairies."

"Once upon a time, there was a little girl." 

"And her name was Avery Grace," an excited Avery shouted. " And she had big brown eyes just like me!"

"Yes," said daddy, as he continued his story. 

“Avery's momma and daddy prayed for many years and asked God to send them a little baby.  They both dreamed of a baby girl, what she might look like, and what she might be like.  God heard their prayers and, very soon, a little baby began to grow in mommy's tummy."

"That was me," Avery announced with a huge grin.

"Yes, dear one, that was you." 

Daddy spoke with the sweetest sound in his voice.  

"We started getting a room ready for our new little baby.  We painted her room..."

"Periwinkle blue," Avery added.

"Yes, the softest blue.   We bought a white crib at a little consignment store in town and we found a beautiful blue rocking chair. It fit perfectly in the corner of your room near the window.  We dreamed of how we would rock our baby girl in our arms, reading her books and telling her stories."

" And now the birthday fairies, Daddy?" 

Avery, with her brown eyes flashing, waited anxiously.

"One evening, right before you arrived, Momma was sitting in the old blue rocker watching as I put the finishing touches on the toy box I made for you."  

Daddy turned to look at Avery and smiled as he saw the joy written all over her face.  

"Your momma looked out the window and her eyes flew open wide.  "Shawn, come here," she cried.  

"As we stared out the window into the dark August night, hundreds of tiny lights flew in and out of the branches of the old oak tree."  

"Shawn, can you believe this?  How many fireflies do you see?  It seems like hundreds."

"We both watched for the longest time in awe of what we saw. The tree out front seemed to be alive with the light of the fireflies. I told your mommy I thought the tiny lights were birthday fairies and God sent them to announce the birth of our baby girl." 

Daddy turned and smiled at Avery.

"But, Daddy, I think they’ve forgotten my birthday this year.  My birthday is only five days from now.   I’ve been looking for them since dinner and I haven't seen one." 

Avery whispered with the saddest little voice.  

"Let's go to the window and look, Avery Grace.  It's later and darker outside now.  Sometimes, when there's still a little light from the sun peeking through, it's hard to see them. But when God pushes the sun to the other side of the earth and the skies turn dark, their little lights shine brighter. "

Daddy gathered Avery up in his arms and held her tightly as they both gazed out into the dark night.  

"Look. I see them.  I see the birthday fairies. They didn’t forget my birthday."

They stared for a long time, watching as the birthday fairies danced around the leaves of the tree.  Little lights twinkled on and off, on and off.   

"Daddy, they’re dancing.  They’re blinking on and off and dancing a birthday dance for me."

After a long while, Avery's daddy lifted her into bed and tucked her in tightly.  

She bowed her head and began her prayers. 

"Dear God, thank you for my family.  Thank you for my momma and my daddy.  Thank you for my friends and Teddy Bunny.  Thank you for the birthday fairies in the tree by my window.  Thank you for loving me.  I love you with all my heart.  Amen."

Before your bedtime prayers tonight, look into the dark night sky and you, too, might see birthday fairies dancing in the moonlight!

Butterflies, Melons and Memories

Butterflies, Melons, and Memories

Mother’s day…the day set aside once a year to honor the women that shape our lives.   

I was blessed with a precious momma.  She was a gift in my life for fifty-three years. Even after her passing, bits and pieces of her legacy linger on in our family members.  She had such a presence…such wisdom and love.  How thankful I am to see glimpses of her love in me.  

Recently, I was going through boxes from my parent’s home. Keepsakes they packed away became treasures for me to find after they stepped into glory.   I found every card I’d ever given them, from the cards signed with my awkward childhood scribbles to others with my deepest, heartfelt love and appreciation written as an adult. 

Daddy always made sure Mother’s Day was a big deal.  We hand prepared special meals I’m sure momma choked down with a smile.  We gave her flowers, gifts and cards.  Special cards with just the right words. Words that were “enough.” Words that conveyed love and appreciation for everything momma did to make life so special for us.  

When I became a momma, my hubby and sweet boys did the same to honor me.  Hand prepared meals and the sweetest gifts.  One year, I remember my youngest taking his allowance to a neighborhood garage sale and buying me the most beautiful “diamond” brooch and matching earrings.  I have them proudly displayed to this very day.   They also gave me precious cards.  Sometimes these were handmade also – my oldest having the talent to really blow me away with his artistic ability!  And like my daddy, I have each one neatly tucked away. Treasures for them to find years from now.  

My boys have families of their own now.  The norm has been to gather around our table on Mother’s day and honor us all…our mommas, my boy’s wives, and me.  It is such a gift to have us all together…my best gift!   But life happens and things change.  

Rewind to Mother’s Day 2005.  My sweet momma stepped into glory on February 20, 2005.  Mother’s day 2005 was going to be a hard one.   My youngest son was going through a divorce.  I knew his three year old daughter would be with her mom that day, leaving Chase to spend the day alone.  We would try, though, and make the day special for everyone.

Then I received a call from my oldest son.  They wouldn’t be coming over that day because of a prior commitment with his wife’s family. My youngest planned to play golf and get away for the day. Family time would be too painful for him on this day.

This day was getting harder by the minute. 

I grabbed my keys and headed for the door, still needing to prepare a celebration meal for my mother-in-law.  As I drove down the country road leading out of our neighborhood, my tears flowed like rain.  My heart cried out to God, as I missed my momma so very much.  I wanted to talk with her.  I wanted to hug her sweet neck.  I wanted to look into those precious eyes of hers and feel her arms around me.  I wanted to tell her about my broken heart.   I cried out to God, screaming in the sanctuary of my car -  “please give my momma the biggest hug from me and tell her how very much I love and miss her!”

All of a sudden, I could see butterflies.  Not just two or three.  It seemed like hundreds of beautiful butterflies surrounding my car.   As I drove the winding road, I was wrapped in a blanket of love, enveloped in the middle of the most beautiful sign from heaven . God’s sweet gift was His answer to my prayers.    

My spirit was renewed and my heart lifted. With such a beautiful day outside, I decided to serve our meal outdoors. Fresh flowers decorated the table for my mother-in-law.  It was a glorious day.  Thanks to the sweet gift of butterflies, I was excited about the festivities.

As we gathered hands to pray, Michael thanked God for the mommas at the table, and what they meant in our lives.  He also thanked God for the momma in heaven that we missed so much.   

Memaw really loved being the center of our attention, and deservingly so.  What a precious woman she was!  She loved the one-on-one time with us.  

As I was about to go inside to prepare our desserts, a butterfly flitted around our table.  I laughed and told Michael and Memaw about my incident on the road that morning, and how God answered my prayers.  Then the butterfly landed – ON MY PLATE!  Michael and Memaw couldn’t believe it.  We were silent, afraid to move, not wanting to disturb the butterfly.  Minutes passed and she stayed right there on my plate.  In a few minutes, I put my finger beside her.  Slowly I moved my finger closer and closer until I was touching her.  She gently lifted her body and climbed onto my finger.  Time stopped.  I couldn’t believe what was happening.  I drew her close to my face to see the details of her beautiful wings.  She stayed.  She just stayed.  The three of us sat quietly in awe of the moment.    

I reached down on my plate and lifted a tiny piece of cantaloupe to the butterfly.  I told Michael and Memaw “my momma always did love her some cantaloupe!” and I kid you not ,as sure as the sun rises, that butterfly began to eat that cantaloupe!   I promise!  We all watched in amazement, not saying a word.  Minutes passed and finally, after gracing our day with her magic and having touched my heart in such a big way, she flew away.  We all just looked at one another and then began to laugh…belly laughs.  Thankful laughs.  Grateful laughs.  

That Mother’s Day was a hard one.  It’s been 13 years and the grief still stops me in my tracks sometimes.  You never get over losing the first loves in your life.  

My momma and daddy are safely tucked away in heaven this day,   I am oh so thankful for the heaven that holds them and the God that promises me in His word that we will live forever with Him one day.  I am thankful, too for His loving embrace by the butterflies He sent to me that day in May, 2005.  Each time I see a butterfly dancing around me these days,  I am reminded of the sweetest momma in the whole wide world and the Father in heaven that loves me beyond measure.  

God sends us many signs of His never ending love for us -  to comfort us in our grief and to dance with us in our joy..... in every sunrise, every sunset, every flower that blooms, every butterfly that races to fill up a grieving heart – He’s there.  Just be watchful and ready…His gifts are there for you – just waiting for you to open them!


My cousin sent me a precious picture today of her first grandchild.....little Ava Loretta.  In looking at the picture, memories just burst in my mind.....

When Addison was little bitty, we kept her many times because Chase and Farrah traveled for work.  I remember one time - and when i looked into those little eyes of Ava it makes me remember like it was yesterday - it was our first overnighter…..i think we had Addy for two days matter of fact.  She must have been about 3 months old…..They were giving me all the instructions on what time bottles were, how to fix them etc.  She would sometimes still wake up in the night for a bottle at 2:00 a.m. or so - they said “okay, just pick her up and get her bottle heated as quickly as you can - now don’t look at her, because if you do she will start grinning and cooing and she will wake up and you will be up for a long while…..but if you just quietly get her bottle and give it to her, she will go right back to sleep” - well, sure enough, about 2 A.M.  i hear her stirring - just a little whimper….. i remember as i walked into the kitchen, i tried my hardest not to look down…..but then i peeked…..and sure enough, the sweetest most precious smile came across her face.  Oh my goodness, that smile....i melted right there in the kitchen!  I didn’t talk to her though…..i fixed her bottle and sat down to give it to her - she took it right away and sure enough, those sweet eyes closed, her long eyelashes so dark against her cream-colored skin.  Oh my…..tears rolling down right now because i can remember it like it was yesterday!  And today, that beautiful brown-eyed girl is 15….where in the world did all those years go?

I remember too that next morning - i invited the great grandparents over to love on their first great grandchild.  I have the sweetest picture of my daddy holding her - she's dressed in yellow i momma sitting right next to him as close as can be and she has Addison's foot, holding it up to her mouth to kiss it and she has the biggest grin you have ever seen on her precious face.  Even though dementia had taken so much of my momma away at that time, she sure knew joy and love!  And oh my goodness....that little brown-eyed girl could sure bring it!

Pictures are coming to me now....the picture of Pepaw Corley seeing her for the first time....his grin lighting up his face.  My daddy down in the floor with her, letting her crawl all over him.  I am so thankful for these memories.  Oh how i wish i could go back and be there....just for a minute...reliving those "firsts".  

Thank You Lord for the sweetest "firsts" and for all the sweetness afterwards.  I can remember Avery Grace....and that first time holding her.  Oh and her little eyes....she could grin with those eyes and still can!  I remember being told not to hold her too much....wanting her to get used to her bed and then parents coming in and finding both grandmas sneaking her out of the bed and rocking her in the night...Avery just a cooing!  I remember the first time meeting Haley and Audrey....Haley grabbing my hand at the Lakepointe Fall festival and not letting go (melted then too!).....Audrey running into the house and taking us all by storm.  What a little fire cracker at 13!  And then little Hayden Michael - holding that sweet boy for the first time....those lips....that dimple....those beautiful eyes.  And then Matthew!  Our first great grand.  Meeting that little blue-eyed boy for the first time.....they surprised us on a visit to Frisco - hiding in the kitchen - and Chase couldn't wait to show us.  My son a granddad....oh my goodness, how did the years go by so quickly? 

But i thank You Lord Jesus.....i thank You so much for these little memories that slip into my days.  Thank You for memories....thank You for family.....thank You for this life You have given me Lord.  Love beyond measure.  

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memorial Day

The Frisco family headed to Cedar Creek Lake with friends to celebrate.  We had a quiet holiday - Friday night, Rockwall Square for music and wine.....Kim and Ron, Sue, Doris and Will - fun night and Shelby was playing.  Sunday, we had Cindy and Steve over for burgers and Rumikub - nice little afternoon we had there.  Then Monday, Shawn and Avery came over.  We had lunch at Pier 101, back to the house for vacation planning and games.  Supper time rolled around and as i asked about heating up left overs, Shawn commented "i just love coming over here" - that made me feel so good.  I still love on them through's always been a huge part of my love language....thanks to my precious momma....and it still is today.  Avery and i made bruschetta for appetizers and then we had left overs for dinner.

I sure do love cooking with and for my family.

We are just so blessed.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sticks with names....

Oh my goodness.....what a week it's been!

While Angie and Chase experienced Grand Cayman for the first time....

Papa and I got to experience being parents again for a week =)
At first, that job was very daunting....for this 66 year old, it's really been a while since i've "Parented" - but we were both anxious to settle in and spend some one on one time with Addy and Hayden.
Every time we do this, i come away with an added sense of awe of Angie and Chase....and all that goes into raising these precious kids.
I headed to Frisco on Friday and left papa at the house.  We had roof issues and he needed to be there.      So it was just me and Hayden that Friday night.....Hayden had a baseball game on Saturday afternoon....they got slaughtered.....but it was a beautiful day and Kyle and i enjoyed watching them play.  Not sure Hayden is really into the baseball thing....i think it's so hard for him.  The problem he has with his leg hurting keeps him from really being able to dig in and run - and really get into the game.  I don't think he loves it like his daddy did.  He sure looks cute in that uniform though....SO reminds me of Chase.

After the game, i packed Hayden for overnight and we headed to Rockwall to spend Saturday night with Papa.   We had fun watching movies - Paddington was his first choice and it was the cutest movie.  Then we found another movie - the BFG - aka The Big Friendly Giant.  Mimi found it and decided we would at least start it and see what it was like.  Oh my boy movie.  Lots of crude things in that movie - one of which - the green brew with the bubbles that go down instead of up.  Think about it.  When we drink something with bubbles - the bubbles that go UP - what does it do?  It causes us to burp.  Well, this giant has a green brew and the bubbles go down....and what happens with bubbles that go DOWN?  LOTS of passing gas.....and that little boy.....he had us rewind that part and play it over and over.  We laughed SO hard!  When we got to Frisco, he had to pull up that movie and show Addy that part....and we had to rewind it again....THEN when momma and dada got back from Grand Cayman? I got a call when we got back home - face time - "Hey Mimi, you know what we forgot to show momma and dada?  The DOGS!!!  So as Hayden sat in Chase's lap and they fast forwarded to the "passing gas" part, i got to watch too, via Face time....and it made me giggle to see his dada chuckle at that part - AND then rewind it to see it again.  That little boy is ALL boy and i guess with that reaction from his dada, it just goes to show that there's ALWAYS a little of the "boy" left - even in dadas!
While still in Rockwall, we had lots of walks and collected LOTS of sticks.  This little boy loves sticks.....he has a pile at our house - AND an even bigger pile at his house in Frisco.  He names each stick and can tell you exactly where he got it.  The sticks become weapons and each one has a special property about it that makes it special.  How i loved having time to hear the stories....and the long walks we had in our neighborhood.....each time he would "protect" me while i ran to the supply huts (mailboxes) for more supplies.  I was always the keeper of the new sticks he found along the way too.  And OH we found some good ones!  I sure hope he will always remember fondly the walks and talks!
On to Frisco - excited to get there and get to spend some time with Addy too.  So we bundled up Sammy and we headed to Frisco.  I often wonder what goes through Sammy's mind when we go back to the Frisco house.  He seems to fall right back into life there - just like he never left.

We got all settled in and then the week started.  Getting baths each night, hair washed, books read, TRYING to get him to bed on time - up early, lunches made, breakfast fed, morning hair "tamed", dressed and school ready by 7:20 - Mornings are crazy but we did a pretty good job i think!  Each day we were on time (thankful for Papa's taxi service to school!) On Monday we picked Hayden up and then on to get Addy.  Hayden couldn't wait to see his sissy - he waited on the hill for her...
"I see her Mimi!  Here she comes!"
They have the sweetest relationship.....they fight like crazy but love just as much.  
It's so good to spend time with Addyboo.....that first night i made lasagna, salad and garlic bread....knowing it was one of her favs.  She's so quiet....getting moments to have one one one talks with her is rare, but i so love that time.  She has the SWEETEST heart....and she is always saying "thank you Mimi".  This morning a picture popped up on my FB page.....momma and daddy were at our house and holding Addison....she must of been about 3 months old.  My momma was grinning from ear to ear seeing her - it sure brought back the sweetest memories!  We got to keep Addy often when she was little - as both Farrah and Chase traveled quite a bit.  Oh those times....i look back at those pictures of that time often.....and just grab on to those memories of that precious baby girl.  She's all grown up now!  Quiet, respectful, beautiful, kind, funny - just so blessed by the gift of Addison Lane Corley.
That first Monday night, Addy had Young Life - and they had something called "color wars" - as she walked out the door with papa to take her, i had no idea what "color war" was.....and then she came home hours later....

GREEN from top to bottom!  She had paint from head to toe....and her SHOES.....oh my gosh, her SHOES.  BRAND NEW SHOES!  Covered in green paint!  I thought i would never ever get them clean and i pictured a green Addy headed to school on Tuesday.  Up she went to shower and she came down clean as could be.  I sprayed the shoes - every inch of them - with spray wash and tossed them in the washer.  To my surprise, they came completely clean.  As we talked that night, i noticed a "green"tint on her neck.  Sure enough....paint still there.  It came off with a little scrubbing.  But then as she walked out the door the next morning - down the front steps as papa was taking them to school - i see dark green on her heels......i mentioned it, but she said she scrubbed it hard and it wouldn't come off.  I think it's still there =)
The breakfast casserole was a hit....with Addy AND with Hayden.  I actually had to make two while there.  I cooked most every night - and enjoyed it so much in that brand new kitchen of Angie and Chase's.  Goodness, it's a chef's dream.  (If i could only quit going to the pantry to throw trash away!).  Addy and i played Rummikube - Kyle joined us and beat the socks off of us that last Friday night.  Was so nice though, playing on the patio....beautiful weather - sweet time.  So during our stay, lots of "Henry Danger" and "Kid Danger" - snakes Hayden wanted to keep - even though it was dead....trampoline time and "stick" shows - teaching Mimi the "floss" - 

Coke floats, pizza on Friday night.....bedtime stories (and i can't BELIEVE how well this little boy reads! Even the BIG words!) nighttime prayers, walking Sammy, hearing short clips of Addy's day and then long details of Hayden's day....that little boy has so much to share! - checking on the birds every morning and every night.....secret hiding places....playing "hide and treat".....movies and green bubbles that go down.....artwork that amazes me from a boy who is 7.....praying dogs and our brown eyed girl - just being with her.....laundry and lunches and bedtimes and schoolwork, stories, movies, and time- SWEET TIME - this week was special and i am so thankful for the time spent with these two.  Love them more than life.....
blessed by the gift of them.  Hoping for times like this with Avery, Hay, Aud, Todd and Matthew too. My grandchildren and my great grandchildren are gifts from God.  I am so very thankful for each one!  
BREATHING in......