Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014

Family time……sweet time…..

Love this precious family…..missing Audrey.

Sleepover with Little Man

Sooooo, we had a sleep-over with our little man.  This past weekend was Chase and Angie's 5th anniversary….so Friday we met Angie 1/2 way and picked up our little man.  I love that on Thursday he didn't want to go to school…..he just wanted to go to Mimi and Papa's house.  Oh how i love that he loves spending time with us.  Every time he has a sleepover, i put his spiderman sleeping bag on the love seat in the media room - and i always put a new toy on it.  He's never mentioned it before…..but i noticed this time, as he walked in the back door, he walked on his tippy toes to see over the sofa…..he got the biggest grin on his face and of course, ran to the toy.  Later on….might have even been the next day, he was playing and just in passing he said "Mimi, thank you for my toy.  When i come to see you, you always have a surprise for me" - i said "oh Hayden, i wonder why

Mimi does that?" and he cut those eyes at me and said "because you YUV me" - oh yes, baby boy……Mimi sure does love you!  Okay, so many things to say to us….On the way home, he's showing me how to draw an "H" in the air…..then he tells me he's drawing a tootie toot…..I asked what that was and he said it was potty talk….i said "oh Hayden, we don't say potty talk and he said "no Mimi…..no no….I am just showing you how to draw it" =)  I am just typing things as i remember them…..don't want to forget….The last dinner we had here, Hayden said the prayer….in the prayer he said "thank you for my Mimi getting me chocolate tooties"  Okay, so the SWEETEST thing…..Hayden was in playing the piano - He pounded REALLY hard on the low notes….and then he played so softly on the higher notes…..i was cooking breakfast and rushed in to tell him that we had to play soft on the piano - and he said "but Mimi, the really YOWD part is when the soldier put Jesus on the tross" - and then, he played ever so softly the highest notes and he said "and this part…..is when he died for us" - oh my goodness, i just melted BIG time….huge tears coming down my cheeks.  I love that he thinks so often about what he's learned in Mother's Day Out.  Okay, soooooo we are looking for something we have recorded on TV that he wants to watch…..Hayden"  I don't watch Tinja Nurtles - i just watched that when i was growing up" =).  Then this….
Me: "Hayden, when we get home we will have to take a little "rest" since we got up so early this morning"  Hayden: "But when momma says we take a yiddle rest she makes it really YONG rest….and YONG rests make my tummy hurt…..And bedtime makes my tummy hurt too!"
Oh so many things….wish i could bottle them up and keep them forever.  This little man has my heart…..i am wrapped, lock stock and barrel……and it's okay!  LOVE spending time with my little man.  p.s.  While we laid on the floor in the media room - among the many quilts and pillows and blankets and a spiderman sleeping bag…..this little one HELD my hand.  How sweet is that?  How precious is this little boy?

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Easter Day…..looking forward to a wonderful day with my sweet family.  Today on Facebook, someone posted these words: HE LIVES, HE LIVES CHRIST JESUS LIVES TODAY…..those words took me back…..i can remember when i was a little girl….probably Hayden's age - and sitting between my momma and daddy and the words to that song coming loud and clear from both of them.  My daddy's booming bass voice, and my momma's sweet voice - and with tears running down her cheeks:  I SERVE A RISEN SAVIOR, HE IN THE WORLD TODAY…..I KNOW THAT HE IS LIVING, NOT MATTER WHAT MEN MAY SAY.  I HEAR HIS VOICE OF MERCY, I HEAR HIS VOICE OF CHEER…..AND JUST THE TIME I NEED HIM, HE'S ALWAYS NEAR.  HE LIVES, HE YIVS (AS HAYDEN WOULD SAY) SALVATION TO IMPART…..YOU ASK ME HOW I KNOW HE LIVES…..HE LIVES WITHIN MY HEART!"  Those might not be the exact words…..but they are pretty close.  How thankful i am that God put me in the arms of those two precious souls because they led me to know and love my Lord and Savior!  I thought about today…..and what it was like a few years ago…..momma would have made her famous Rudy's reds…..daddy would have had that camera around his neck and would be taking pictures with that big grin and one eye closed…..pepaw Corley would have been flirting with all the girls…..and me maw Corley….oh me maw - she would have prepared something for the boys to read…..a scripture or a verse….or a poem or often something she herself put together - and the lines would be written over and over - the letters traced many times as she read it and praised as she did so.  As we would gather round and hold hands together to say the prayer…..the boys would hold hands and giggle….it never failed.  I hope me maw Corley didn't think they were being blasphemous - they just couldn't help it….and if my daddy was the one to say the prayer, that voice would break as he got to the end…..tender was his heart.
I am so thankful for my family Lord…..and as some celebrate you in heaven, we celebrate You here…..and we celebrate because YOU, dear precious Lord are AYIVE in our hearts!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014 - Today Hayden Michael Corley had his Easter party at his school.  Such a fun day from what Angie said…..an Easter Egg Hunt with all of his friends….and this - how precious is this story:

Angie said all the children were gathered on the floor in front of the teacher….she was reading the story of Christ and His resurrection - she sent a picture of Hayden intently listening to the Easter story - all the parents gathered round the room too…..she said at the end of the story, the teacher was asking questions about the story….about pictures in the book and all the children were answering her.  Hayden sat quietly tho….until the end of the story session, when she pointed to the picture at the end of the book…..and asked the question "why do you think all the people are so happy?" - Angie said the room was SO quiet - and all of a sudden Hayden smiles this huge smile and says "cuz Jesus is a-yive!  Hims a-Yive!" Angie immediately melted along with most of the other parents in the room.  The look on his sweet face when he talks about Jesus is just the most precious thing.  I pray Lord Jesus that as he grows, his relationship with you grows as well.  I pray that Hayden will do great and mighty things in YOUR name Lord - and that his life will magnify you and share YOU with others.  Protect and guide him Lord i pray.