Friday, June 27, 2014

Going through some emails, i found this note today about a camp Mimi we had years ago…..girls were so young - but wanted to include these little notes so i won't forget one thing!

last night Avery and Addy made cards for each of the people we will be taking food to for Meals on Wheels this morning.....they are SO excited about doing this....I can't remember which one said it, but when i told them in the car yesterday that one of the things we would be doing at Camp Mimi is delivering food to the of them said "oh i am so excited.....i have always wanted to be a waitress....and now i can!"
so last night, they were making their cards and Addy was asking what to put on the inside of the card.....i told her you can put "God Bless you" - and she gave me this weird look and said 'WHAT?"  and i repeated it.....and she said "because you want him to sneeze?????"  Then we got into this huge discussion if it was God Bless you or God Blush you.

Later when Shawn sent me the text "don't forget she sleepwalks" - and we got into a huge conversation about sleep walking - Addy told me about finding Avery on the pot one morning, sound asleep......Avery saying "I DON"T HAVE A PROBLEM!!!"  each not wanting to have to sleep downstairs (as Shawn suggested) - finally we got it all taken care sleeping downstairs - everyone doing okay and then Addy says " I don't sleepwalk....but i sleep talk.....and i talk about MUFFINS" - They cracked me UP!!!

They have had so much fun....and so have i =)  They just woke up......Camp Mimi resumes!!!

I will add this to the posting also…..just in case it's not in my earlier ramblings - As they  made the cards for each of the Meals on Wheels clients, they asked me about the personalities of each one…..our first stop was Papaw….and i told the girls how precious he was and that he just has a little twinkle in his eye.  The next morning as we were leaving his house, i asked the girls if they caught the twinkle in his eye….. Avery replied "Oh yes, Mimi….i SAW it… was in his left eye!"