Friday, August 16, 2013

 Little man and papa's bus
 Avery and Addy and Papaw (Meals on Wheels)
 Addy and her dance recital
 Our next Dallas Cowboy....oh my, is that Chase Corley or WHAT?
 Haley and sweet is that relationship!

Avery Grace - and those sweet brown eyes!!!

Melting my heart.....

I spent the day with Angie and Haley this past Wednesday -  shopping, lunch - then went back to the house and babysat while she and Hay did some things for i was leaving, in his tshirt and diaper, Hayden followed me out to the car....  Angie is saying "Hayden, come on.....Mimi has to go - he goes right to the car and stands there - with his back to us....We are both talking to him, but he stands there....not a word......Angie had to come and usher him toward the house.....he turned around and without saying a word, walked up the steps - both Angie and I calling his name - Angie telling him to tell mimi saying "hayden, i love you" - but he walked slowly to the front door, never looking back - when she got to the door, his lower lip was out and he was POUTING big because he wanted to go home with me........UGH......had i not had Meals on Wheels the next morning i would have gathered that sweet boy up and taken him home with me!  Then late wednesday night, Angie sent text to see if i could possibly come out Thursday night too and sit because she was overwhelmed with PTA meetings and Poster Pics for the cheerleading squad - she was in charge - and Chase had just informed her that he was leaving yesterday morning for Austin on business.....

well, of COURSE i went!  Another chance to spend some time with Addy and Hayden!  .....these times don't happen often!

so as i walk in the door, Addy runs to give me a hug and here comes Hayden fast as lightening around the staircase to give me a hug and then he looks up and says "why use here adin?" Angie looks at him and says "What Hayden?" and again he says "Whys hers here adin?" (why is she here again?) - we finally decipher it and i bent down and said "oh honey, i wanted to come and see you and Addyboo again" - he looks at Angie and says "i don't want hers to leave" - oh my gosh, i just melted......Angie looked at him and said "you don't want Mimi to leave again?" and he said "NO!" - .....melted my heart!  How precious that he wants to spend time with us!  God, what a gift these grandchildren are in all of our lives.....thank You Lord for the gift of them!  Please help me ALWAYS to be the kind of Mimi they want to be talk share me ALWAYS to magnify you in MY life so that they will know You and LOVE You......

Another cute thing on the Wednesday outing......Angie let a friend - Mattie - sit with Hayden while we were shopping......Mattie LOVES Hayden, and Hayden loves her!  When we get back to the house, Hayden is napping.....Mattie says she hates to leave because right before he went to sleep, he was wanting to play a game and she said they could play when he got up from his nap.  She went ahead and left - Angie and Hay left and it was just Addy and I there with little man.  As we are playing cards at the table, we hear something......going to discover what it was, sure enough Hayden was "hiding" on the couch in the living room.....i go and gather him up in my lap and hug him big - he gets his face really close to mine and says "where's my girlfriend?" - i said "oh Hayden, she had to leave.....he said "i thought hers come adin" - i thought it was so cute that he doesn't call her Mattie....he calls her his girlfriend.....well just a bit later, i see he only has on a diaper - i said "Hayden - where are your britches?" - he gives me this weird look - "where are you shorts buddy?" - he doesn't say anything for a while but in few minutes comes back up to me and says "my girlfriend took em off!"  Oh little man.....can we bottle you up and keep your sweet precious words and spirit? My blue-eyed little melt me.