Thursday, May 25, 2017

just checking in....

Haven't written in a while....just checking in.  It's been a whirlwind few months!  Totally gutted the kitchen and did all new.....also new paint and tall baseboards, crown in the living, dining, hallway, sunroom.  Looks really good and feel SO good.  Heath and Fox Chase were really show places.....and we bought them mostly for the family - the kids.  Had to have a pool.....lots of big show.  With both the kids having pools now - our house wasn't the draw it used to be.  With their busy schedules and sports and work etc, coming to spend weekends had kinda come to an end too.  So this house is a HOME.  No pool, just comfortable and the VIEW.....the VIEW.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the lake view.....and LOVE LOVE LOVE this neighborhood.  The Gillilands, across the alley, such a sweet surprise.  New friends.  We take turns having each other over for dinner - then there's the "Lane" thing going on.....just a sweet surprise!  Thank you Lord.....sweetest gifts you give us and this home is one of them.  Also, the view - thank you for that view.  It reminds me each and every day of Your majesty.

The kids are doing SO good....their careers are taking off like gang busters.  I miss them though.  Because of all the work, the many hats they wear - we don't see them often.  Makes me so sad.  But i remember.....i remember those days and just how busy they are.  I totally understand....just trying now to find a way to get us all under one roof at least a couple of times a month.  I think they are all in....just hope we can make it happen now.

School is almost out.  Haley is already home and now back in Oklahoma for the summer....working and taking classes.  Wishing i had contacted her sooner.....wanted to take her shopping for her new place.  Hopefully she will be home soon for a visit and we can go.....a mini "Camp Mimi".  Addy and Avery are ready for summer.  Addy was invited to play in a tourney in Florida in a couple of weeks.....with a team she's hoping to join.  Such a great opportunity!  She's so talented....has no idea of just how talented she is.  Praying for her confidence.  Love that she's so humble.....but praying she will be stronger and more confident as she learns more and more from the new coaching.  Avery is working so hard on art work.....getting ready for Booker T next year.  So proud of her for getting in.  God has really gifted that sweet girl.  Can't wait to see what plans He has for her.  I pray so hard her heart will soften toward Him - that she will come to know PERSONALLY His saving grace.  Hayden.....oh my goodness, that sweet boy.  He's done really SO well in school....he's learned so much.  His teacher was just perfect.  He played baseball pitch.  Cannot believe how much better he did this past season.  Angie is taking him to a chiropractor and it's helping him - his gait when he runs has improved tons.  He's hitting the ball well too.  Such a cutie pie.  Audrey and Todd.....doing GREAT.  Todd has started a new business with a friend and they are doing great.  Audrey is the best little momma ever.  That little boy has turned her heart upside down and i just see such a healing in Audrey.  I see REAL JOY, i HEAR REAL JOY......just such a turnaround for Audie and answered prayer for her sweet life.  Hopefully we will have a wedding in the near future.  They seem to be so happy.  And then there's Matthew.....oh my gosh, that boy melts my heart.  He's is just adorable.....and he can say "Mimi" and Papa" - and just melts me on the spot.  He's so happy.....soooooo precious.  Can't wait to see what God has planned for that sweet one's life!

Just blessed.  So much.  Just got through with a bible study (and oh how i love my bible study group!)  on 1,000 gifts.....and writing down gifts each day to bring them to the forefront.....NAMING each gift helps me live more thankfully.....not taking for granted the gifts God gives me.  This sweet family of mine?  Just the most precious gift.  My heart is overflowing.

Thank you Lord....thank You for giving me my sweet husbands.....then the most amazing gift of our boys.....and then sending Angie and the girls.....then our sweet Hayden Michael.....then Todd and Matthew...God.....these loves.....and i thank You!!  I pray your blessings on each and every one.....and I ask Lord Jesus that you will fill them full of Your Holy Spirit and that each one will accept Your saving grace.  I pray for us all to know and love You more and more.

Your gifts are so precious!