Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I thought of more.....

streaking.....7 months pregnant - What were we thinking?  locking myself out of our first apartment - saving your parking place.  My first "surprise" for you....that pecan pie that i covered in a cloth....only to be revealed and you laughed so hard.....the crust as big as Texas......You, hiding your head among the in the kitchen not noticing for the longest time.....the turkey that was cooked with the plastic in the getting up from the table - throwing up - and i think of all the meals you ate....with a smile on your face....probably facing food poisoning!  Scaring the hiccups out of you.....oh my gosh, the night in the bus.... remember?  We laughed SO hard because we were stuck ....i loved that van.  Remember the time i nearly crashed it into the hamburger place?  You were placing your order and then i hit the gas....not paying much attention to the clutch....remember the time i just KNEW something had happened.....9 months pregnant with a 10 lb 7 oz baby boy and i ran up the hill for you because you had had a wreck.....oh my gosh, my heart just went into overdrive......The night you met my dad for the first time....and Nelda had to drive....the pineapple i sent home with you from their trip in Hawaii....oh gosh, the night you walked me to the door at Jim Miller and you asked me to marry you?  5 days after we met?  I knew....i KNEW Michael Lane Corley......i knew you were the one God made just for me.  Remember at breakfast, i was so scared what my parents would think....and at breakfast my momma said "you and Michael are going to get married, aren't you?" - that was GOD........The beautiful places we have seen together.....Banff, finally.....Italy, France, Spain....Oh my goodness, the trips we have made.  Such gifts......I have loved you more than you will ever know Michael Lane Corley.  I have loved cooking special things just to have you give me that "thumbs up" - I have loved loving you.....i have loved being your "woman child" - i have loved every moment of every day and i pray there will be many more.  You are SO precious in my life.....God just gave me the sweetest gift in YOU.  When we go to bed at night....and we say "i love you" - it means the word to me's so much more than's a LIFE...shared and are most precious in my life sweet man......God's gift!


  1. Okay, so what was i thinking? It was a pecan pie!!!!! And it was delicious!!!!

  2. It WAS a Pecan pie......and it WAS delicious!!!