Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Camp Mimi.....oh my goodness, how precious this time with my loves.  With Hay - it's old movies and shopping and food that she loves (which usually means Chipotle).  Such a sweet time with her and i am so so glad she loves to come and spend time with us.  The funny.....she was trying on clothes at a boutique on the square.....she always comes out and models for me.  She comes out in the darling little top - and says to me "Isn't this just so cute Mimi?  But what do you think i do with THIS?" and she holds out this huge bunch of material to the side.  It's very odd looking.....she says "do you think i tie this?" - just about that time a salesgirl comes by and Hay asks her - "this is so cute, but what do you do with this?" - the girl smiles a funny little smile and tells Hay "well, it's suppose to be a romper" - Hay had both of her legs in ONE leg of the romper.....she thought it was a top =)  We laughed so hard.  We bought the romper.....and i must say, it looks precious on her!

Then there's Camp Mimi with Avery and Addy.  I so love the way they get along.....like best friends.  We had a great time....crafts, yummy foods they love to make videos.  Late night movies - but this time they had to have "Camp Papa" for a few hours on Monday night.....as i went to Becky's for the final Bachelorette.  When i came home, they were all piled on the sofa with Papa, watching scary movies.  We painted crosses....and they did so good.  We did a little shopping too but both are quite picky.  No matter what we do, i always love time with Addy and Avery.  They are so precious in our lives.

Finally, Camp Mimi with Hayden....oh my....first through the door and he's looking for his "prize" - i always put a prize on top of his sleeping bag for him to find as he walks in.  It's a tradition.....and he knows to look for it.  This time it was construction trucks and a book.....he loved it.  We watched movies and stayed up late.....then endless hours of a cartoon he had never seen before - something i watched as a child...."Casper the friendly ghost" - i had to BEG him to watch something else...."But Mimi, i LOVE this" - we are moving....sold the couches and love seat - Mimi's usual bed for Camp Mimi when Hayden comes.....i told him we probably would need to sleep in the bedroom that night but he said "oh mimi, i LOVE my "camp" - (that's pillows and blankets all made into a soft little bed for him" - so i pushed two chairs together and we made it work.  He's so sweet....as he's falling asleep, he puts his arms around me and holds me tight....what a little love.  He sat in the chair with papa too....and put his arm around his neck and held him as they watched tv.  Such a sweetie.  We had to have his fav....beans and corn on the cob.  We did crafts for the first time and he loved it....we decorated a sleep shirt - he LOVES sleep shirts.  Just a precious time with our little man.  When told he was spending two nights his said "that means i get to spend THREE days!!!"

Love that my grands love to spend time with us.  It's a gift for me....for us.  We are truly blessed.....sweetest love....sweetest kids.

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